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Frequently Asked Questions

What is LAMB?

LAMB (Los Angeles Mommy and Baby Survey) is a project sponsored by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. Our survey asks new mothers questions about events that happened before, during, and after their pregnancies.

Why does Los Angeles County need LAMB?

Before the LAMB Project, there was no place in Los Angeles to find the information needed to monitor, evaluate, and improve the health of women and babies throughout the County.

Specifically, the LAMB information is needed to:

  • Monitor the Healthy People 2010 goal of eliminating health disparities toward reducing  infant mortality and low birth weight, very low birth weight, and preterm births
  • Track the health of women and babies throughout the County as well as specific geographic areas such as the eight County Service Planning Areas
  • Identify the specific needs of different communities
  • Evaluate the quality of prenatal care at the population and neighborhood levels
  • Identify strategies to address perinatal issues faced by our communities
  • Assist  the County in focusing its resources and developing strategies based on evidence

Will my answers be kept private?

Yes—all answers are kept completely private to the extent permitted by law.

Why should I participate in this survey?

Your answers to the LAMB survey are important to help improve the health of and services for future mothers and babies in Los Angeles County.

How was I chosen to participate in LAMB?

Your name was picked by chance, like in a lottery, from the State birth certificate registry.

Will I receive results of the survey?

If you would like results of the survey, please click the icon to the left of this screen labeled Results.

What if I have questions?

We will be happy to answer any other questions that you may have about LAMB. Please call us at (866) 706-LAMB. (If you prefer to complete the survey on the telephone, please call us at the same number).

How providers can help with promoting the LAMB Project?

Patients who delivered a baby during the project year may receive a LAMB survey in the mail.  We are asking all health care providers to encourage their patients who receive them to complete and return the surveys to us.

How have the LAMB results been used?

The LAMB Project has provided and will continue to provide detailed information and high quality data to assist policy makers, community stakeholders and other partners to monitor, evaluate, and improve the health status of thousands of mothers and their newly delivered babies.  For specific examples on how LAMB has been used to inform decision making and community actions, please visit Data to Action on the LAMB website.

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