Department of Public Health
Contact Information

County of Los Angeles, Department of Public Health
Office of AIDS Programs and Policy
600 South Commonwealth Avenue, 10th Floor
Los Angeles, California 90005
(213) 351-8000 Phone
(213) 387-0912 Fax

Executive Office
Mario J. PĂ©rez, Director, Office of AIDS Programs and Policy
(213) 351-8001 Phone
(213) 387-0912 Fax

Kevin Harvey, Board Communications
(213) 351-8342 Phone
(213) 381-8020 Fax

Kyle Baker, Government Relations
(213) 351-1141 Phone
(213) 381-8020 Fax

Office of the Medical Director
Jennifer Sayles, MD, MPH, Medical Director
(213) 351-8264 Phone
(213) 381-8073 Fax

Care Division
Carlos Vega-Matos,MPA, Chief
(213) 351-8082 Phone
(213) 738-6566 Fax

Financial Services Division
Dave Young, Chief
(213) 351-8111 Phone
(213) 738-0825 Fax

Management Services Division
Gloria Traylor-Young, Chief
(213) 351-8136 Phone
(213) 427-8815 Fax

Planning Division
Michael Green, PhD, MHSA, Chief
(213) 351-8002 Phone
(213) 381-8020 Fax

Prevention Services Division
Sophia Rumanes, MPH, Chief
(213) 351-8085 Phone
(213) 637-8413 Fax

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