What can you do to be safe?
Possession of a gun does not guarantee protection to your family, rather a gun in the home has been shown to increase the risk for death from getting in the hands of an inquisitive child, or depressed or angry teen or adult.
Before you Obtain a Gun..
  • Consider more effective and less dangerous ways to keep your family safe, such as burglar alarms, locking gates, window locks, dogs, etc.
  • Remember, that guns in the home are 22-times more likely to kill or injure a family member or friend, than to be used for self-defense (Kellermann, et al, 1992)
  • Be properly trained to use it safely
Responsibility of Owning a Gun...
  • Remember children have difficulty knowing whether a gun is real or a toy. Therefore guns should always be locked up in a place where children do not have access
  • Guns should be always be stored unloaded and in a locked place such as a gun safe
  • Bullets should always be locked in a place separate from where guns are stored.
  • Trigger Locks are recommended as an additional safety measure (read more about Trigger Locks)
Teach Your Children About The Dangers of Guns...
  • Talk with your children to teach them that guns are very dangerous and they must never touch them without your permission
  • Talk with your children to let them know that if they ever find a gun to never touch it and tell an adult
  • Tell your children that if they know of someone who is carrying a gun at school to tell an adult
  • Talk with your children to teach them that the violence on television and movies are not real and that violence in real-life is where people can get hurt

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