Restaurants and Markets Food Inspection Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How often are restaurants and markets inspected?

    A facility can be inspected from 1 to 3 times a year. The frequency is based on the public health risk associated with the food products served, the methods of food preparation, and the operational history of the food facility.

  2. How are restaurant and markets graded?

    A copy of the Reference Guide of the Food Official Inspection Report is available for download.

  3. Under which laws are restaurants and markets regulated?

    A copy of the California Health and Safety Code is available for downloaded.

  4. Which laws grants inspectors the authority to inspect food facilities?

    Authority is granted under California Health and Safety Code, Article 2 Enforcement Section 114390.

  5. Where do I report that I got sick eating food from a restaurant?

    A report regarding a suspected food borne illness may be made to the County of Los Angeles Morbidity Unit of Acute Communicable Disease Control at (888) 397-3993 or online at Foodborne Illness Complaint page.

  6. What options are available if permit holders are dissatisfied with their inspection?

    • Restaurant and market owners have an opportunity to improve their grades by requesting an Owner Initiated Inspection (OII). An OII may be requested once in a twelve month period
    • Permit holders may request that their inspection reports be reviewed by a supervisor at the local Environmental Health office.
    • The Office of the Ombudsman is available to assist in addressing concerns involving issuance of grades / scores or with inspection process. The Office of the Ombudsman may be contacted at (626) 430-5172.