Local Issues

Learn more about environmental issues on this page.

Exide Battery Recycling Facility in the City of Vernon

Learn about free blood lead testing, soil testing, free lead paint cleanup, information for your doctor, community meetings, and find background information and reports.

Quemetco Battery Recycling Facility in the City of Industry

Learn about free blood lead testing. Find information for your doctor and background information about Quemetco.

Air Toxins in the City of Paramount

Find information on air toxins like hexavalent chromium. Fact sheets and reports are available for the general public and local schools.

Aliso Canyon Disaster Health Research Study

Learn more about the Health Research Study and background information about the Aliso Canyon gas blowout and disaster.

Contaminated Fish

Learn about fish contamination, safe eating guidelines, pier fishing, frequently asked questions, links to videos and other resources.

Oil and Gas Development

Find reports, including Preliminary Environmental Health Assessments, activities, important links and tools, and correspondence related to protecting public health near oil and gas production facilities on this page. Read about health and safety risks (English/Español).

Learn about the AllenCo Energy Inc. oil production facility in South Central Los Angeles.