Data for Communities

Know Your Community's Environment and Health Status

Knowing the sources of pollution and health status of your community is important. There are many resources for discovering more about the environment and health that are available online and easy to use. Scroll down to find sources of data that can help you get to know the health and environment facts in your community.

Health and Environment Data

CalEnviroScreen : Compare the pollution burden (amount of pollution and how sensitive the community is to problems from that pollution) across communities in California.
California Healthy Places Index (CAHPI) : Compare communities on overall health and well-being scores made up of many indicators including environmental, demographic, socioeconomic and other indicators.

Environmental Data

CalEPA Regulated Site Portal : Use this link to find businesses in your community. There is information available on inspections, violations, and chemical inventory.
EnviroStor : This mapping and data tool helps to find sites that are or have been contaminated.
Toxic Release Inventory : Find businesses in your area that are required to report certain kinds of pollution.
EPA My Environment : This tool provides an overview of environmental indicators in your community.
DOGGR Well Finder : Use this mapping tool to find oil and gas wells in your community.

Health Data

500 Cities : An easy-to-use map and data tool with health data for the 500 largest cities in the United States.